New COVID-19 booster rolling out across Colorado

September 5, 2022

A new shot designed to protect against the newest variants of COVID-19 is now available across Colorado.

They were authorized by the FDA and approved by the CDC at the end of August. As of Aug. 31, the previous boosters for Moderna and Pfizer are no longer authorized for use for anyone age 12 or older.

Now, experts recommend getting this new shot at least two months after your previous dose. This can be taken after your original two shots or your most recent booster.

Unlike previous shots, which only have one component designed to fight the original strain of the coronavirus that started the pandemic, these new shots are bivalent. That means they include two components: one to fight the original strain and another to fight the newest BA-4 and BA-5 variants of Omicron. These are the dominant variants across the U.S.

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