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Free the FDA and the CDC from political pressure

Sep 10 2020

There are indications that President Donald Trump's administration is putting political pressure on these agencies, desperate to show some headway in response to Covid-19, after the pandemic has killed over 185,000 Americans, hospitalized hundreds of thousands, and sickened millions. Worse, many fear such pressure is effective in turning these agencies away from science and toward apparently political decisions. This is not a slur on the civil servants in these agencies. From the outside, it looks like they are being circumvented.

Source: CNN

Believers need to be as prepared for a Covid-19 vaccine as anti-vaxxers are against it

Sep 10 2020

In the fractious public dialogue about Covid-19, one point of unity stands out: An effective vaccine is what’s needed to stop, or at least control, the pandemic. The anti-vaccine movement could derail that solution. To stop Covid-19, many people — most people, really — would need to have either survived infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the disease, or been vaccinated against it. By sowing the seeds of doubt and denial, anti-vaxxers could influence many people not to get a vaccine, allowing the virus to persist and be persistently infective.

Source: Stat News

Vaccines 101: Everything to Know While Waiting for the COVID-19 Vaccine

Sep 09 2020

Vaccines have been protecting people from diseases such as polio, smallpox, and measles for decades, but scientists are now developing vaccines that might work against the viruses that cause HIV, Zika, and most recently COVID-19. Vaccines are an important tool for protecting people from diseases caused by viruses or bacteria. They train the body’s immune system to respond to an invading microbe, even one that it’s never encountered before.

Source: Healthline

NIH promises Congress the U.S. won’t skip safety steps in coronavirus vaccine approval

Sep 09 2020

The head of the National Institutes of Health told Congress on Wednesday that U.S. health officials will not skip or abbreviate any safety assessments in the development of a coronavirus vaccine. NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins said studying the safety and effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccine candidates is now the agency’s “top priority” as Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca race to complete late-stage testing and submit approval applications to the Food and Drug Administration by the end of the year.

Source: CNBC

Vaccine Exemption Doctor On Probation, Can No Longer Write Exemptions

Sep 09 2020

Dr. Tara Zandvliet – who became well-known as the vaccine exemption doctor of choice in San Diego – will be placed on three years of professional probation for issuing vaccine exemptions that were deemed as grossly negligent by the Medical Board of California. As a condition of her probation, Zandvliet will not be allowed to write any vaccine exemptions – which had become a significant part of her practice in South Park.

Source: Patch

When should kids get the flu shot this year? New guidelines released

Sep 09 2020

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released guidelines about when children should get the flu vaccine this year, recommending that everyone over the age of 6 months get the vaccine by the end of October. Experts have emphasized the importance of the flu shot this year in the hopes of avoiding a "combined pandemic" with both the flu and the coronavirus circulating. According to the AAP, public health officials have warned that hospital beds and emergency services could "quickly extend beyond capacity in communities where coronavirus transmission remains high." Related

Source: Today

Read Roald Dahl’s Heartbreaking 1986 Letter About the Importance of Vaccinations

Sep 09 2020

In 1986, Roald Dahl set aside friendly giants, chocolate rivers, and all other whimsical fantasies to talk directly to parents about a real-life tragedy: the loss of his daughter, Olivia. Olivia had passed away in November 1962 after a bout of measles that caused encephalitis, or brain swelling. She was only 7 years old, and her death left Dahl shocked and bereft; “Roald really almost went crazy,” his wife later told People. But while Olivia’s fatal illness had been devastating, it hadn’t exactly been preventable—a trusted measles vaccine wasn’t available at the time.

Source: Mental Floss

We Need to Recruit More Black Americans in Vaccine Trials

Sep 09 2020

The global race is on for a vaccine to combat the coronavirus, but the question is: Who will be included? To date, several companies have reached Phase 3 trials for an experimental vaccine — including Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and CanSino. AstraZeneca recently announced a pause in its process to check a complication with one participant. Despite this setback, the early results are encouraging.

Source: NYT

The Health 202: Most Americans won't be allowed to get a coronavirus vaccine as soon as it's approved

Sep 08 2020

But whenever the Trump administration does give a nod to a vaccine, it almost certainly won't be available for all Americans. The most likely scenario to play out is that the Food and Drug Administration would grant initial approval to vaccinate just front-line health workers, those older than 65 and those with underlying medical conditions, two industry vaccine experts tell me. It would come in the form of an emergency use authorization — a shortcut for the government to approve medicines and treatments in dire circumstances – as large clinical trials continue.

Source: Washington Post