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The idea of a vaccine to prevent the novel coronavirus brings mix of comfort and fear

May 18 2020

Across the country, states are beginning to reopen to try to create a new normal as the number of COVID-19 patients level off. States are ramping up their testing capabilities, asking people to continue social distancing measures and increasing hospital capacity in case there is another surge of patients. Official after official has spoken out saying this will be the new normal until a cure or vaccine to combat the novel coronavirus is created.

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A coronavirus vaccine may take longer than 12 to 18 months

May 15 2020

As much of the world remains at home due to the coronavirus, a lot of people have put their hopes of a big economic reopening on a vaccine. With more than 100 vaccine candidates for Covid-19 in production, things seem to be looking up — and the conventional wisdom, often restated by White House officials, is that this medical reprieve could come within 12 to 18 months. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper outright promised that “we will deliver, by the end of this year, a vaccine at scale to treat the American people and our partners abroad.” But some experts caution even 12 to 18 months might be optimistic for a Covid-19 vaccine: The previous record for getting a vaccine was four years, and a cliché in the field is that vaccine development is measured in years, not months.

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Trump says he would mobilize military to distribute coronavirus vaccine when it's ready

May 15 2020

President Trump says he would "rapidly" mobilize the U.S. military to distribute a coronavirus vaccine once it's ready, focusing first on nursing homes and the elderly most vulnerable to deadly complications from the virus. Mr. Trump made the comments during an interview with Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo. "We're mobilizing our military and other forces but we're mobilizing our military on the basis that we do have a vaccine. You know, it's a massive job to give this vaccine. Our military is now being mobilized so at the end of the year we're going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly," the president said.

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