Take Action: Thank Governor Polis for supporting common-sense vaccination policy

Date: Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Feb 12 2020

More than half a million students in Colorado attend schools where vaccination rates aren’t high enough to provide full protection from vaccine-preventable childhood illnesses. We must act to improve our state’s alarmingly low vaccination rates.

This week, Colorado Governor Jared Polis expressed his support for a proposed policy change that will aim to boost Colorado’s lowest-in-the-nation vaccination rates. This is big.

We want to show Governor Polis that we are grateful to him for supporting this important policy solution and aligning with the vast majority of Coloradans who support vaccination. Take Action and say thank you to Governor Polis for supporting this common-sense policy change that will improve vaccination rates and support public health!

Senate Bill 163 will work to keep students and the most vulnerable members of our communities who cannot be vaccinated – the very young, the very old and those with compromised immune systems – safe and protected from harmful diseases.

Thank Governor Polis.

Stay involved throughout this legislative session!