Immunize Colorado Awarded Colorado Cancer Coalition Grant

Date: Friday, March 27, 2020

Apr 01 2020

The Colorado Cancer Coalition has awarded Immunize Colorado a grant in the amount of $18,500 to support HPV and hepatitis B (hepB) cancer prevention education and awareness building initiatives serving Colorado's refugee and immigrant populations. This project aims to build on the impressive successes of Immunize Colorado's 2019 mini-grant from the Colorado Cancer Coalition to remove barriers to HPV vaccine uptake among African refugees in Colorado, as well as to expand the scope to include increased HPV and hepB vaccine uptake among refugees and immigrants from Africa, Asia, and Central America, with the long term goal of reducing hepB and HPV-related cancers among these traditionally underserved populations. The current grant will expand and build on the efforts accomplished to date and continue to advance the momentum of the Colorado Refugee and Immigrant Immunization Task Force. Project activities align with the 2016-2020 Cancer Plan strategies of promoting vaccination programs and requirements in schools and hospitals; educating parents about the hepB and HPV vaccines as cancer prevention methods; and educating providers on the importance of implementing reminder systems that are language and culturally appropriate for immigrant and refugee populations.