Colorado Vaccine Equity Taskforce Launches Outreach Efforts

Date: Friday, January 15, 2021

Jan 15 2021

The Colorado Vaccine Equity Taskforce formally kicked off its work this week with plans to focus on community outreach that will help people who are Black, Latinx and Native American get the facts they need about the COVID-19 vaccines and how these vaccines can help to protect their families and their communities.

Formed last fall to support vaccination across the lifespan in communities of color, the taskforce pivoted to focus on COVID-19 vaccines because of the disparate impact the coronavirus has had on communities of color across Colorado and the nation due in large part to systemic inequities fueled by past and ongoing racism. The taskforce has set the goal of ensuring 80 percent of all Colorado adults who are Black, Latinx and Native American get vaccinated against the destructive and deadly virus by the Fall of 2021.

“I’m confident that when our communities get factual information about the importance of the COVID-19 vaccines, they will choose to take it to protect themselves and their families,” said Dr. Oswaldo Grenardo, a family physician who is a taskforce co-chair. “Scientists of color have contributed greatly to the development and dissemination of these vaccines and our communities have come forward to volunteer for trials in large numbers, helping to ensure we are represented in the science and the positive results."

The Colorado Vaccine Equity Taskforce exists to ensure that all communities of color have all the facts to make informed decisions about the safety of vaccines for their families and to hold leaders accountable for ensuring access to these vaccines for all. The Taskforce members include BIPOC stakeholders in public health, healthcare, K-12 education, faith communities, vaccine-preventable cancer survivors and COVID-19 vaccine trial participants and lawmakers.

Read more in the Jan. 15 press release.