Aimee Pugh Bernard, PhD Headshot

Aimee Pugh Bernard, PhD

Aimee Pugh Bernard, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at the University of Colorado Anschutz medical campus (CU AMC). She is also the executive director of the CU School of Medicine (CUSOM) Human Immunology and Immunotherapy Initiative and is actively involved in the CUSOM Trek curriculum reform, serving as the immunology content director for the entire curriculum. Aimee also teaches immunology within the graduate school, dental school, and the Child Health Advocate and Physician Assistant (CHA/PA) program on the Anschutz medical campus. Aimee is passionate about pro-science advocacy and has testified in support of legislation that strengthens childhood immunization policy since 2017. She is also an active member of the Colorado Immunization Advocates and the Colorado Vaccine Equity Taskforce. Her dedication to answering questions related to vaccine hesitancy is evident through her continual involvement in a variety of community-based vaccine education seminars, her podcast devoted to answering listener’s questions and concerns about vaccination, and the Team Vaccine ‘Immunology 101’ blog posts focused on explaining how vaccines work with the immune system to defend us from disease. In all her roles, Aimee strives to serve as a positive influence on public policy, vaccine education, and the increased acceptance of immunization within the community.

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