Promising Practices and Innovative Partnerships for Delivering Childhood Immunizations in Colorado

Current barriers in immuniza­tion access, delivery, and financing in Colorado led to the passage, in 2013, of Colorado’s Senate Bill 13-222 (SB222) which directed the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to establish a taskforce that would make recommendations on improving the immunization system by leveraging public-private partnerships to provide affordable, sustainable, and geographically diverse solutions that address immunization barriers across Colorado.

As a result, the SB222 taskforce developed and released a number of recommendations in 2014. One of these recommendations was to promote models in public-private partnership—including private practice health care providers, public health agencies, schools, pharmacies and others—to deliver immunizations in practices and communities where it is not feasible to provide them in a typical medical home setting.

This brief examines promising and innovative partnerships in Colorado for delivering childhood immunizations.