Video: How to Protect Yourself Against Hepatitis A

Colorado is one of 30 states to experience a widespread hepatitis A outbreak. Since the start of the outbreak there have been over 300 reported cases and two deaths (as of January 2020). Almost three out of every four cases have required hospitalization. Through public health efforts, over 20,000 hepatitis A vaccinations have been administered. For current outbreak information, visit the Colorado Department of Public Health (CDPHE) Hepatitis A Outbreak Report.

To help curb the outbreak and facilitate disease prevention, Immunize Colorado is partnering with CDPHE and other community partners to conduct an education and outreach campaign. The campaign includes various materials, including this educational video, primarily targeted toward the populations mainly affected by the outbreak, such as persons experiencing homelessness, persons with substance use issues, and persons recently or currently incarcerated. The video includes information on hepatitis a symptoms, treatment, prevention (including vaccination and handwashing) and where to access treatment and the vaccine.