Top vaccine news from 2022: COVID-19 boosters, malaria, Ebola and more

January 1, 2023

Updated COVID-19 shots, including bivalent boosters, dominated vaccine news in 2022, but good news also came for vaccines against malaria, Ebola and cancer.

Vaccines made news in other ways. Many people planned to skip influenza vaccines, record numbers of children missed measles vaccines globally, and a case of vaccine-derived polio in New York raised concerns of potential poliovirus spread.

Below are some of the vaccine-related stories you may have missed this year.

Fewer than half of US adults planned to get flu vaccine despite warnings of a severe season

After a mild 2021-2022 influenza season, a survey showed 49% of people in the U.S. were not planning to be vaccinated, despite widespread concern for a “tripledemic” in the fall.

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