Team Vaccine Blog

Team Vaccine features doctors, nurses, parents, researchers, advocates and community members who are passionate about immunization and protecting kids from vaccine-preventable disease.

As a team of contributors, we aim to provide a diverse array of stories and experiences, along with evidence-based research and facts, to enrich the discussion on children’s immunizations. We’ll cover it all – from current vaccines news and hot topics to the hard science – to give you up-to-date, reliable information on vaccines.

In our archives, you’ll find posts from our 2010 Colorado Mom2Mom blog, which was written by moms for moms. While this blog served as an important source of information and discussion for many Colorado moms, we decided to grow our blog in 2013 to include all the members of our community who share an interest in and concern for this topic. We hope to remain a trusted source and diverse, active community for all Coloradans seeking information about immunization.

If there is a topic you’d like to see addressed or if you’d like to join our team of contributors, please email us or tweet us at @ImmunizeCO.