Child Care Immunization (by County)

The Child Care Immunization Fact Sheets and supplemental online dashboards provide local level data on childhood immunization coverage to help each Colorado child care understand the level of community protection in their county; they also highlight successes and opportunities for improvement in immunization rates. Additionally, each fact sheet provides an overview of statewide Colorado vaccination and vaccine-preventable disease information, information on the importance of vaccination, and ways child care facilities, public health and the community can partner to protect against vaccine-preventable disease.

Why is Immunization in Child Care Facilities Important?

All children and child care staff members deserve a healthy child care environment that supports their well-being and builds a strong foundation for learning. It takes an entire community to protect against serious disease. Because diseases such as measles can spread rapidly, adequate vaccination coverage at the school level -- roughly 95% for each vaccine -- helps to protect the health of children, staff and others in the community, including those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons or because they are still too young to receive vaccines.

Especially as communities fight COVID-19, maintaining high vaccination coverage is critical to preventing additional outbreaks of disease that could further overwhelm our healthcare systems. And as with COVID-19, a case or outbreak of vaccine-preventable disease could force children to be excluded from school and miss out on valuable learning. Ensuring adequate vaccination coverage and compliance with school vaccination policy is also important to emergency response efforts and helps to prevent absenteeism and other societal and economic costs.

How Is My Child's Child Care Doing?

To view your immunization and exemption coverage data for the county where your child's child care facility is located, visit the interactive dashboard below.

Colorado Child Care Immunization (by County) Data Dashboard

2019-2020 County Child Care Immunization Fact Sheets

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Child Care Immunization Policies
Non-Medical Exemption Policies in Colorado Child Care Centers Poster

Immunization policies at child care centers help ensure children and the broader community, including those who can’t be vaccinated, are protected vaccine-preventable diseases. States, including Colorado, typically set immunization requirements for schools and child cares in statute, however child care facilities often have some control over how the policy is enacted at their site. Colorado law allows for non-medical (personal belief or religious) exemptions to required vaccines in addition to medical exemptions. Some child care centers in Colorado have implemented policies that remove non-medical exemptions (NMEs) to vaccination to enhance the level of protection against vaccine-preventable diseases. Child care administrators often seek guidance for improving their immunization policies, but few Colorado-specific resources currently exist. To support Colorado child care administrators and policymakers in future immunization policy decision making, Immunize Colorado:

  1. Collected and analyzed vaccination policies between Colorado child care centers and
  2. Compared Colorado statues with other state and global contexts to identify opportunities

Immunization policies from a random sample of 50% of child care centers that reported immunization data to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in 2018-2019 were collected and analyzed to determine policy completeness and if the policy permitted NMEs (personal or religious) to vaccination. Policies were collected from each facilities’ website.

View the results of the analysis (poster).

View the results of the analysis (presentation slides).