Public Policy

Effective public policy is one of the best ways to ensure all Coloradans are fully immunized. That’s why we bring together diverse partners including parents, healthcare professionals, public health officials, business leaders, childcare and school administrators and community members, to help develop our public policy priorities and positions.

We welcome and encourage Immunize Colorado members, with the exception of pharmaceutical and vaccine distribution company employees or consultants, to serve on the Policy Committee. You don’t need to be a health expert to participate. Anyone who supports advancing Colorado's health through immunization can be a strong advocate. Whether it’s talking to a fellow parent on the playground or meeting with an elected official, we all need to know how to promote effective public health policies that work to keep Colorado communities healthy.

Stay informed of the latest policy issues and actions through our monthly Shot by Shot newsletter and email action alerts. You can also access a host of policy-related resources in the Resource Library.