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Colorado Vaccinates!

Take Action: Thank Lawmakers for Putting Public Health First!

The General Assembly just passed Senate Bill 20-163, a common-sense bill that will do several things to help improve vaccination rates in our schools and child care centers. Take two minutes to thank legislators for passing this important measure!

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Dear Colorado Lawmakers,

I am a citizen and one of the 79% of Coloradans who support Senate Bill 163. I'm contacting you to thank you for your yes vote on this bill and for putting public health first by ensuring that we boost our vaccination rates in Colorado. By making Senate Bill 163 law, you have both ensured our schools and communities are safer from vaccine-preventable diseases and have preserved the right of parents with deeply held beliefs to opt their kids out. 

I know inside the capitol building, this effort to pass common sense legislation to improve vaccination rates is difficult. But outside the building, there is broad consensus that immunizations are good. Today, there is also widespread recognition that they underpin our economy as well. 

Now more than ever it is critically important that we improve our vaccination rates and protect our kids and our communities from preventable diseases. Thank you for standing with science and the majority of Coloradans!

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