Policy Agenda

Each year our general members and policy committee strategize to develop board-approved policy priorities and positions. In September 2018, Immunize Colorado convened a multi-disciplinary stakeholder group to discuss policy concepts intended to increase childhood immunization rates and/or strengthen the immunization infrastructure in Colorado. Of the 20 proactive policy concepts discussed, four concepts rose to the top after small group discussions.

Our 2019-2020 policy priorities reflect the Immunize Colorado Policy Committee’s discussion and prioritization of the key issues that emerged from the stakeholder convening:

  • Enhanced funding for school nurses to increase their capacity to perform staff education, immunization status documentation, reporting and follow-up activities
  • Support for CIIS infrastructure enhancements to optimize the user experience for school nurses and child care nurse consultants
  • Strengthening the current non-medical exemption process, including both personal and religious exemptions, via a variety of process requirements
  • Funding opportunities to gather stakeholder input regarding child care employee and school-based educator immunization policies, including proof of immunization for flu and pertussis and annual reporting of immunization rates

Become an Immunize Colorado member to help set and guide our policy priorities and stay informed through our monthly Shot by Shot newsletter, email action alerts, and policy resources. To become a member of the Immunize Colorado Policy Committee and help guide our work in the 2019 legislative session, contact Stephanie Wasserman

Updated 12/6/18