George Gray, Weld County Health Department

George joined Immunize Colorado in 2020 as an Immunization Outreach and Education Coordinator through the AmeriCorps VISTA program, assigned to work with the Weld County Health Department in Greeley.

George is a graduate of Beloit College, where he majored in Biochemistry while also minoring in Health & Society. His interests in furthering his understanding of biomedical mechanisms led him to completing a post-baccalaureate at Johns Hopkins University, where he received his Master’s in Biotechnology.

Throughout George’s education, he fostered a passion for addressing healthcare disparities that manifest from systemic inequality. He most recently conducted community-based research through the University of Michigan Medical School. There, he was able to present original work that shed light on barriers at-risk populations experience when accessing opioid-overdose reversal medication at local pharmacies across the state.

George ultimately has aspirations to attend medical school, where he hopes to use a medical degree to directly treat medically-underserved communities and research optimal delivery systems of quality care services to those that need it most.

Personal Hero: Although fictitious (and technically six-years-old), growing up with Calvin and Hobbes, I’ve always had a special appreciation for Calvin. His unwavering pursuit of adventure, vivid imagination, and funny attitude are all timeless things that continue to resonate with me and remind me to stay spry and always have fun with life.

Favorite Book/Movie: The Wind Rises (movie).

Favorite Thing to Do in Colorado: Backpacking, fishing, rock climbing, and running.

Hometown Fun Fact: In the heart of Ann Arbor, MI sits Zingerman’s Deli which is a small sandwich shop with a national reputation. Former President Barack Obama is known to be a big fan of their reuben, and I’m not sure if they still have it, but for a time they served the popular “Baracky Road Gelato.”

Why Vaccinate: Because they work! Not only are they one of the most incredible advancements in human history that can put our minds at ease from some of the most fearful, socially-crippling diseases, but they have allowed us to achieve levels of health that were previously unimaginable.