Hannah Sullivan, Jefferson County Public Health

Hannah joined Immunize Colorado in 2020 as an AmeriCorps VISTA member. This year, she is excited to serve Jefferson County as an Outreach and Education Coordinator with a special focus on COVID-19 emergency preparedness and immunization services.

Hannah recently graduated from Vanderbilt University with summa cum laude distinction and completed a double major in Economics and Medicine, Health, & Society. Her interest in addressing health disparities developed through years of volunteering in the emergency department of the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital. Through her studies and experiences, Hannah saw how various social and environmental factors impact health. Hannah also gained experience with outreach and capacity building through serving as a founding member of the Vanderbilt chapter of Health Guardians Organization, which is a club that aims to promote health and wellness among college students.

Outside of school, Hannah has held a variety of jobs including a restaurant server, a research assistant, and an employee at a Segway tour company in Nashville. She is extremely excited for the opportunity to focus on her specific interest in pursuing health equity. Ultimately, Hannah hopes to become a physician and use her background in economics to help the effort to improve healthcare access and delivery.

Favorite Movie/Book: Stand By Me, Zootopia (movies), Wild (book)

Personal Hero: My mom! She has always been a model of how to be strong and compassionate. She spent years working as an elementary school teacher and inspires me to pursue a meaningful and impactful career.

Hometown Fun Fact: Every year, Littleton Colorado holds a “Western Welcome Week.” This is a community celebration with food and entertainment that has been held annually since 1928.

Favorite Thing to Do in Colorado: hiking, camping, scenic drives

Why Vaccinate: For the good of both individuals and the community! Vaccines save lives and are a brilliantly cost-effective way to prevent outbreaks and stress to the medical system.