Riley Way, Immunize Colorado

Riley joined Immunize Colorado in July 2021 as the AmeriCorps VISTA Leader with the Colorado Immunity Corps. He graduated with a degree in Global Studies from Colorado Christian University in 2016 and hopes to later pursue an MSW. Previously, he served AmeriCorps with other programs, such as the Colorado Reading Corps tutoring elementary students in reading and also as a VISTA Leader with a program in Utah called the Public and School Partnership. As the VISTA Leader with the Colorado Immunity Corps, he supports the VISTA program through recruitment, member support, training & orientation and various other duties.

Favorite Book/Movie: Book – “The Giver” by Lois Lowry / Movie – North by Northwest/Matilda/Stand By Me/Any in the Harry Potter series (yeah, I have a lot in no particular order).

Personal Hero: Anyone that can better society through action, and can rise above adversity!

Hometown Fun Fact: I grew up in a rural Colorado town that had the only stoplight in the county! I believe it has since been removed. Also, my parents live in Grand Junction, which has a festival celebrating a headless chicken that lived longer than what it was supposed to.

Favorite Colorado Thing to do: Even though I have grown up in Colorado, I like to call myself “the worst Coloradan to ever exist” because I haven’t skied or snowboarded in a while. I also don’t like hiking and haven’t partaken in any of the “other” Colorado activities that you might be thinking of.

Why Vaccinate: Vaccinations are a quick and easy way to protect yourself and the community from potentially life-threatening illnesses.