Jamie Reesman, Vice President

With over 25 years of marketing, sales and operations experience in the satellite, high speed internet and television industries, Jamie is responsible for the business operations and marketing functions of Passport Health Colorado. After joining his wife Michelle as a co-owner of the business in 2005, Jamie found Passport Health’s commitment of service to international travelers very rewarding. He considers the ability to proactively prevent disease and injury to people traveling all over the globe a worthy endeavor and a challenge he looks forward to every day. While Passport Health’s clientele trends towards adults, Jamie is excited to have the opportunity to contribute to increased vaccination rates among all of Colorado’s children. As a member of CCIC, Jamie has led Passport Health’s sponsorship of S.O.U.P! since its inception and is eager to more actively utilize his experience to support CCIC’s core values.

Prior to Passport Health, Jamie served as product marketing manager for Level 3 Communications and vice president of marketing for B.O.B.: Brief Original Broadcasts, a start-up cable/satellite network. Before Level 3 and B.O.B., he was the director of marketing for The National Geographic Channel, the national director of marketing for High Speed Access Corp. and an area manager for Time Warner Satellite Services. He holds a B.S. in Marketing and Communications from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, is an avid golfer, and is certified as an advanced sailor and scuba diver.

Favorite Book/Movie: The Last Lion and  Saving Private Ryan

Personal Hero: Winston Churchill

Hometown Fun Fact: Johnstown, PA was named the “Flood Free City” after the 1936 flood and until the 1977 flood occurred. I shoveled mud and assisted in the cleanup for months.

Favorite Thing To Do in Colorado: I love sailing on Lake Dillon.

Why Vaccinate:In human history, disease has killed more people than anything else. No other cause could have such an impact or save more lives than the effort to produce and deliver lifesaving vaccines.