Lynn Trefren, RN, MSN

Lynn has been a nurse for more than 40 years. She worked in a pediatrician office, and then started at Tri-County Health Department working in their pediatric clinic. In her 20+ years at TCHD, she managed the pediatric clinic, HCP and EPSDT programs, and the immunization program. During her time as Nurse Manger of the Immunization Program, the Aurora Shots for Tots clinic started, and became a strong community partnership.

In 2013, Lynn moved to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to be the Immunization Branch Chief. She worked with local public health agencies across the state to support immunizations for all Colorado citizens. Lynn retired from CDPHE in June, 2020.

Currently, Lynn is working part time for Tri-County Health Department in a support role to help them promote flu vaccine, and to work with businesses to encourage them to provide or promote flu vaccine for their employees.

Favorite Book/Movie: Anything by Nora Roberts / Mrs. Doubtfire

Personal Hero: Clara Barton (Nurse who founded the American Red Cross)

Hometown Fun Fact: El Paso, Texas is the boot capitol of the world.

Favorite Thing To Do in Colorado: Spend time with my kids and grandkids

Why Vaccinate: Children and adults still get diseases that can be prevented with immunizations. Making sure anyone who can be vaccinated is vaccinated helps to protect those who are too young or too sick to be vaccinated themselves.