Core Values

We believe that every child, adolescent and adult should be fully immunized to keep all Colorado healthy.

We believe that increasing access to immunizations improves health equity among Coloradans.

We believe that collaborating with diverse partners and families strengthens our ability to advance immunizations in Colorado.

We believe that identifying and promoting effective policy solutions that improve access, delivery and demand for immunizations in Colorado increases immunization rates and reduces preventable illness.

Evidence shows that school-required vaccine exemptions result in higher risk of vaccine-preventable disease to both the children who take the exemption and to others in the community; therefore we support meaningful exemptions after consultation with a health care provider.

We believe that educating providers on evidence-based immunization clinical practices promotes a high-quality health care work force and improves health outcomes.

We believe that conducting parent outreach and awareness campaigns on the importance and safety of vaccines increases the demand for immunization.