Lilian Baiden

Lilian joined Immunize Colorado April 2021 as the Vaccine Equity Program and Outreach Manager. She holds a B.A. in psychology from the University of Ghana and is currently studying for her Master of Health Administration at Metropolitan State University of Colorado. As the Outreach and Program Manager, Lilian evaluates strategic opportunities to create and improve targeted immunization programs. She creates outreach resources and initiatives in line with the organization’s mission and the goals of the Colorado Vaccine Equity Taskforce. Lilian is very passionate about her work and always ready to help individuals and communities to live healthy lives. With her background in public health and health administration, she encourages participation in community outreach and enjoys uncovering new ways to educate communities on the safety of vaccines through science- and evidence-based strategies. Lilian loves to travel with her family in her spare time.

Favorite Movie/Book: I love anything in the comedy, adventure and science fiction genres!

Favorite Food: Anything well-seasoned

Favorite Thing to do in Colorado: Hiking and snow sports

Personal Hero: My personal hero is my mother. She is very trustworthy, hardworking, strong, brave and unselfish. She always protects me and makes life better for me.

Hometown Fun Fact: Ghana is one of the most peaceful places on earth and the Ghana colorful national costume is made from handwoven cloth called kente.

Why Vaccinate: Vaccines strengthen our immune systems and help create antibodies that protect us from diseases. It is much safer and better for our bodies to learn to fight diseases through vaccination than by catching the diseases and treating them. Once our immune system knows how to fight a disease it can protect us for many years!