Get the Facts and “Immunize For Good”

July 9, 2024

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Do you have questions about vaccines for your children? Do you feel inundated with vaccine information online and on social media? You’re not alone! It’s completely normal to have questions, but it’s not always easy to find answers you can trust – especially these days! That’s why Immunize Colorado, in partnership with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), recently revamped and fully updated the Immunize For Good websites in English and Spanish. At and, we help you cut through the noise so you can:

Learn the benefits of vaccination. 

Parents and caregivers all want the best for their kids. From researching the best pediatrician to making sure the car seat is installed properly, you make informed choices that benefit your child’s health and safety every day. Making informed choices about immunizations is no different. Immunization helps prevent illness, protects both your loved ones and your community, and helps reduce and even eliminate diseases worldwide. Vaccines are one of the greatest public health achievements in history, but vaccine-preventable diseases still exist, so we have to keep vaccinating.

Learn the truth about common vaccine myths.

Fact and fiction are not always easy to distinguish, especially when it comes to health topics. It’s hard to know what to believe. From myths about aluminum in vaccines to a link between vaccines and autism, vaccine misinformation is rampant. The Immunize For Good websites  explain the truth about these topics and more in the Fact or Fiction section. 

Learn about vaccines and the diseases they prevent.

At and, we break down information on 18 different vaccine-preventable diseases. We explain the potential complications of each, as well as the importance of vaccines and the progress vaccines have made in reducing rates of disease. We go over vaccine recommendations, side effects, and vaccine ingredients, and we explain how vaccines work and how they are made. We even dive into vaccines that scientists are currently working to develop. 

Hear from real parents about why they choose to vaccinate. 

Did you know that nearly all parents and caregivers choose to vaccinate their kids on time and on schedule? You might not get that message with your local parent group, online, or on social media. In today’s world, celebrities and even politicians work to erode trust in vaccines, but on our Parents Talk page, real parents and caregivers share why they choose to vaccinate.

Get immunization resources. 

You might have questions about where and how to get vaccines. You might have a child with a unique healthcare need. Or you might wonder how to create a stress-free vaccine experience for your child. We’ve got all that covered in our Resource Center. We even go over vaccinations needed for pregnancy, information on school vaccine requirements, and how to get immunization records.

When you visit and you can rest assured you’re getting reliable information. The website content is reviewed regularly by both Immunize Colorado staff and scientific healthcare experts with years of experience working with and researching vaccines. So come on over. Get the facts and “Immunize For Good!”

Immunize Colorado was formed in 1991 in response to alarmingly low vaccination rates across the state. At the time, only about 50% of Colorado’s children were adequately vaccinated. A group of physicians and other concerned individuals came together to strategize how to protect Coloradans from vaccine-preventable diseases and increase vaccine uptake. Much work remains. Discover ways to support our commitment to healthy Colorado communities at our website or make a donation today!

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