Christian Vieweg - 2023 Headshot - cropped and resized

Christian Vieweg

VISTA Leader

Christian joined Immunize Colorado in August 2023 as the leader of the AmeriCorps VISTA team after serving a year with AmeriCorps in Telluride, CO as a public health analyst, and now enjoys the opportunity to develop and mentor the VISTA team in promoting vaccine knowledge and access in Colorado. As a VISTA Leader, he hopes to leverage his background in political science and education to understand the roots of vaccine resistance to reach populations vulnerable to disinformation and to provide insights to reinforce the policy advocacy efforts of Immunize Colorado. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Christian was drawn to the public health field through its rapidly expanding applications for data and technology, and its intersections with policy development, international relations, and information security. As a rising information security professional focused on the healthcare field, Christian is interested in combatting the growing threat of cyberattacks to public health infrastructure, including the potential for coordinated spread of vaccine disinformation. In his spare time, Christian is involved with organizations promoting affordable housing. He also enjoys hiking and cycling around Boulder.

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