Simon J. Hambidge, MD, PhD, Chief Ambulatory Officer, Denver Healthon, on a roof at the Denver Campus, Colorado.
(Photos by Ken Papaleo//High Country Coloring)

Simon Hambidge, MD, PhD

Born in England and raised in Denver, Dr. Simon Hambidge received his medical degree and Doctor of Philosophy (microbiology/immunology) from the University of Colorado medical school and completed his internship and pediatric residency at CU (Children’s Hospital and Denver Health). Dr. Hambidge is a pediatrician and Chief Executive Officer of Denver Community Health Services (DCHS) and Chief Ambulatory Officer at Denver Health, positions he has held since 2014. Dr. Hambidge was previously the Director of General Pediatrics for Community Health Services for 8 years. He is a Professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology at the University of Colorado and has practiced at Denver Health since 1997. Dr. Hambidge is the Principal Investigator for Denver Health on the CDC-funded Vaccine Safety Datalink project. He has published numerous articles on topics such as vaccine safety, immunization delivery, and childhood obesity. Dr. Hambidge serves on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Community Health Network (Past Chair) and the Community Health Association of Mountain and Plains States. He was appointed by Colorado’s governor to serve on the Medical Services Board of the state Medicaid agency, which reviews Medicaid rules for Colorado.

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