Stephanie James, PhD, MBA


Stephanie James, PhD, MBA is a faculty member at Regis University in their School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences where she has been for the past six years. Her responsibilities include research, teaching and service to the community and University. Her research interests focus primarily on how individuals with Down syndrome respond to infectious diseases. She teaches all the immunology and infectious disease units in our program. Additionally, she created an elective, “Immunology and Vaccines” which has been very popular, and the course details were published in the journal Innovations in Pharmacy. Stephanie also co-authored the immunization sections of the AACP Public Health in Pharmacy Practice Casebook and has written several articles for the Denver Post Your Hub sections regarding the importance of vaccines. Additionally, she has been a strong advocate for sound immunization policy at our state capitol, having testified for various pro-immunization bills over the past few years. Stephanie has a strong interest, through improved education and/or opportunities, in removing potential barriers to enable as many members of our community to be immunized as possible. In her position as a faculty member within a Pharmacy program, she has learned that community pharmacies are a valuable resource for partnerships to provide education outreach regarding vaccines and potential vaccine administration.

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