Provider Education

Each year, Immunize Colorado educates approximately one thousand health care professionals from across the state and beyond through our provider education series. Our programs cover the latest hot topics on emerging immunization research, best practices, recommendations, and vaccine delivery to strengthen provider immunization practices in Colorado.

By strengthening the vaccine knowledge of our physicians, nurses, medical assistants, mid-level providers, pharmacists, and others, we help to ensure our workforce has the capacity to confidently

  • discuss the importance of vaccination with parents;
  • adhere to proper vaccine safety protocol;
  • understand vaccine benefits and risk to address vaccine hesitancy;
  • remain up-to-date on the latest immunization recommendations; and
  • make a strong provider recommendation for on time vaccination.

Most programs are offered in-person and via webinar. Specific details for upcoming events can be found on our Events Calendar. Sign up to receiver provider education event alerts via email.